Karben4 Brewery - Madison, WI

Brewed in Madison Wisconsin

Karben4 specializes in English-style malt bombs.  We are enamored with the myriad of delicate flavors and aromas that malted grains offer.

 thru Wednesday


 and Saturday



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Pretzel - $4

Housemade with butter and Block Party Dijon.


Soup - $5

Rotating K4 soup – ask server about today’s soup.


Pretzel Styx – $6

House made, served with cheddar horseradish spread


Deviled Eggs - $6

8 egg halves with house made fillings. Two of each: Russian, rosemary apple roasted garlic, cheddar horseradish, traditional


Cheddar Board - $8

Aged white cheddar cheese, apples, strawberry compote, and roasted walnuts.


Summer Sausage Board -$8/$9.50

Summer sausage, white cheddar, pretzel crostinis and block party Dijon/ with cheddar horseradish spread


Super Board - $17/$9 (half board)

Tuscan, goat and nduja salami from Underground Meats, aged white cheddar, 3 spreads: roasted garlic, cheddar horseradish, olive tapenade. Served with housemade pretzel crostini and Block Party Dijon



K4 Popcorn - FREE

Side salad – 3.5

Roasted Garlic spread – 1.5

Tapenade – 1.5

Cheddar Horseradish spread – 1.5

Deviled Egg – 1

Bacon – 1.50

Ham – 1.50

Pretzel Crostini- 3



(All sandwiches served on choice of Stalzy’s white or K4 housemade pretzel roll. Sandwiches also include side salad – upgrade to soup or maple spinach salad additional $2. Add bacon or ham for $1)


Maple Spinach Salad – $8

Baby spinach, toasted walnuts, carrot, apple and cranberries. All tossed with house made maple vinaigrette


K4 Salad - $9

Ham, bacon, red onion, egg, tomato and fresh mozzarella on a bed of baby spinach


Grilled Cheese – $7.50

Aged white cheddar, rosemary roasted apples


Caprese Sandwich – $8

Fresh mozzarella, basil aioli, tomatoes, lettuce, red onion and a balsamic reduction.


Portabella Sandwich $9

Balsamic roasted portabella, fresh mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, and onion with a basil *aioli


Ham and Roasted Red Pepper $9
Ham, roasted red peppers, herbed cheese spread and undercover cranberries


Summer Sausage Ruben – $9

Served on a house made pretzel roll with Lady Luck kraut, our own russian dressing, and white cheddar


K4 Klub – $10

Ham, bacon, spinach, onion, tomato with roasted garlic aioli


Midwest Muffaletta – $10

Smoked polish sausage, ham, white cheddar, spinach, tomato, onion with muffaletta relish and aioli on

House made pretzel roll


½ Sandwich + Soup/Salad - $8

Mini K4 Klub

Grilled cheese

Caprese sandwich (optional portabella add $1)

Maple Spinach Salad

Side Salad



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Must be 21 years of age or older to enjoy Karben4  

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