Karben4 Brewery - Madison, WI

Brewed in Madison Wisconsin

Karben4 specializes in English-style malt bombs.  We are enamored with the myriad of delicate flavors and aromas that malted grains offer.

Sunday - Wednesday

Thursday Saturday

Must be 21 or older to enjoy Karben4


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Fantasy Factory: IPA

Hopheads crusade on a heroic quest for the holy grail of India Pale Ales. The subconscious composes paradisiacal scenes of malty waves crashing on a ripe lupulin landscape cascading hop flavors and aromas in profuse abundance. With humble confidence we offer this brew as fantasy made reality. Balanced in every detail and gushing resinous, exceptional citrus flavors and aromas that collaborate with soft bready notes surrendered from premium English golden malted barley, this beer is a tropical dreamscape. Epic. 6.3% ABV. $4.75/pint $13/growlerfill

NightCall: Smoked Porter

Robust all day without dictating your life, this is the porter that other dark beers hang a poster of on their own bedroom wall. Malt sweetness is just present enough to enhance the dark chocolate and roasted coffee flavors without destroying the drinkability. This brew provides a subtle smoke profile that simultaneously creates new fans of dark beer and tames the beast inside the bold- beer aficionado. 6.5% ABV. $4.50/pint $12/growler fill

Tokyo Sauna: Pale Ale

This pale ale features a refreshing résumé of bright citrus American hops harmonizing with a sugar cookie sweetness donated from Bohemian pilsner malt. The result is a crisp, glass-smooth ale worth repeating. 5.3% ABV. $4.25/pint, $11/growler fill 

Block Party: Amber Ale

The amber you’ve always wanted. Crisp and clean, but full of flavor: milk caramel, toasted biscuit, and sweet wheat. A medium-bodied brew that has character yet remains an all-game drinker that always satisfies, never disappoints, and plays well with many types of food. 5.6% ABV. $4/pint $10/growler fill

Lady Luck: Irish Red

More than just a beer to satisfy and soothe - it’s an emotional experience. Deepest ruby red and filled with a symphony of malt flavors including caramel, toffee, raisins, and currants that finish with a simple hint of roast and chocolate tones lingering like a half-remembered dream. This gentle giant, balanced with English hops, dominates all senses without destroying the palate. Sexy. As. Hell. 7.5% ABV, $4.50/pint $12/growler fill

UnderCover: Session Ale

This is a beer for craft lovers seeking satisfaction of mind and mouth, as well as folks about to discover that they are fans of beer done right. Golden in color, crisp from start to finish with a distinct profile of bread and biscuit malt flavors, and just enough hops to keep things interesting and thirst quenching...a true session ale. 5.0% ABV. $4/pint $10/growler fill 

Rail Liquor Selection

Single - $5.00 Double/Rocks - $8.50

Skyy Vodka
Skyy Citrus
Door County Gin 

Shellback Spiced Rum 
Four Roses Bourbon 
Clontarf Irish Whiskey 
Tres Agaves Tequila Blanco 
Irish Cream Liqueur 
Coffee Liqueur

Top Shelf Liquor

Single/Shots - $8.50 Double - $11.50

Michter’s Bourbon 
Michter’s American 
Whiskey Michter’s Rye

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Bottomless Cup of Just Coffee’s K4 Blend - $2.50
Coke Diet
Iced Tea
Ginger Ale

Sprecher Root Beer
Sprecher Orange Dream
Sprecher Cream Soda

Red Bull and Sugar Free Red Bull
San Pellegrino Blood Orange Soda 


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Must be 21 years of age or older to enjoy Karben4  

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