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As some of you may have noticed, Fantasy Factory cans are here!  We filled the first 1,600 cases of cans on July 31st and they are making their way across the state as I type this post.  This is a very exciting step for Karben4 that will help get our beloved flagship beer into more of your coozies and down your throat, while you enjoy the great outdoors (or indoors – NJZ).

We are brewing all of this beer on site and then shipping it up to Stevens Point Brewery to be canned.  A lot of people ask, how the heck do you move that much beer?  Luckily, in this great Dairy State, beautiful and clean stainless steel tanker trucks are commonly used to haul around milk and haulers named Glenn are very familiar with high cleanliness standards.  The tankers get what is referred to as a “dairy wash” (i.e. cleaner than any brewery) at a licensed facility and then the trailer gets dropped at our brewery where we pump Fantasy Factory into it, just like we would transfer the beer between one of our other tanks inside.  The particular truck that we use holds around 180bbls of beer but on our first run we filled it with 120bbls which yielded 1,611 cases.  On our second run we will fill it with 160bbls of Fantasy Factory and expect over 2,100 cases.  We plan to send 1-2 of these trucks up to Stevens Point every month.

I also would like to address some questions about the timing of our release.  We were not affected by aluminum tariffs.  We did not have any particular problem or hang-up.  …It just took a while to put a cat and a unicorn on a can!  While releasing cans in April/May for the summer is most desirable, we feel that adding cans to our lineup is the right thing to do, period,   We spent several weeks deciding on our contract packaging partner.  Then we spent a few weeks listening to people yell at us about how our imagery would not print well on a can.  Then we spent a few weeks designing our can anyway.  Then we got yelled at again.  Then we received some new information from the TTB (Alcohol Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau) about how we would be allowed to partner with Stevens Point.  Then we settled the government issue. (The Fed kicked ass for craft brewers this year!)  Then we piloted our cans.  Then we ordered cans.  Then Pepsi grew 5% this summer and created a real hornet’s nest for our partner’s schedule and our can production.  Then Nancy and Kait from Point kicked a 60-yd field goal and moved our cans up a week.  Huge thanks to Nancy and Kait, and the whole SPB team for welcoming us into your brewery and answering all of our questions!

We love these cans and we hope you do too!  I don’t think they will be our last…


Zak Koga


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