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Every month our brewers get to play around with our pilot system, brewing one quarter barrel at a time. It’s the perfect opportunity for our amazing team to express themselves with a unique concoction that will be served only in our taproom.  These exclusive one of a kind beers will be tapped the 3rd Thursday of every month and shouldn’t be missed.

This month we have a Cedar IPA…

“It’s single hoped with Strata hops, which are pretty new – think Idiot Farm profile but all in one hop. Cedar is supposed to add grapefruit and a little herbal/spicy/sandal wood flavor. I guess my thought is to have the citrus/fruit from the hops balanced by the more “earthy” flavors of the cedar. The cedar comes in lightly toasted spirals to increase surface area for exchanging flavors. It’s something I read about Cigar City Brewing (out of Florida) doing and I’ve always wanted to try. Cigar City does a lot of aging with exotic woods.” – Head Brewer Jeff Olson


January 18, 2018
11:00 am - 10:00 pm



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