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Brewers Series Beer Release: Pom Smack (Pomegranate Sour)

March 14 12:00 pm

The first sour beer of spring at Karben4 is another Robbie production – but the idea to brew it with pomegranate came from his girlfriend Katie, who joined us for the brewday. Despite its name implying that this beer will beat you over the head with fruit, both the pomegranate and the sourness of this beer were applied with a soft touch. In other words, don’t expect the kind of trendy sludge that one might make in a blender with vodka instead of calling it ‘beer’ to avoid spirits taxes and charging $20 a four-pack. This kinder, gentler sour ale is meant to be enjoyed on the patio with a healthy dose of sunshine.

Keywords: sour fruit beer, yellow color, easy drinking

Serving glass: goblet