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Hi Everyone,
We announced with Kwik Trip last night that another batch of Glazer Bean is hitting the streets starting today.  Attached to this post is the delivery schedule and allocations for each store that is receiving more Glazer Bean.  We were blown away by the response to this beer and want to provide you some assistance locating cases this time around.
Also, there has been a lot of questions about this beer and I would like to answer some of them:
  1. The Minnesota convenience stores cannot accept this beer because the alcohol is above 3.2% ABV.  For all of you Minnesota Kwik Trip fans, get on your state representatives to change this antiquated law.  Minnesota is now the only state in the U.S. that has a 3.2 law left on the books.  The stand-alone Kwik Trip liquor store in Byron, MN is receiving 15 cases of Glazer Bean on Thursday, 12/19.
  2. Karben4 does not currently distribute beer to Iowa so that is why Glazer Bean is not in the Iowa stores.  Who knows, maybe this collaboration will help push us into Iowa sooner…Stay tuned…
  3. That leaves the ~400 Wisconsin stores as the locations to find Glazer Bean this week.  We used the sales data from the first round to generate the allocations in the second round of Glazer Bean.  (The cases you see listed below are (6) 4pk cases — 24 cans in total.)  We promise to keep learning as we move forward.
  4. If you cannot find Glazer Bean in Kwik Trip stores then stop by the Karben4 taproom at 3698 Kinsman Blvd., Madison, WI 53704.  We have a stash of cases to take care of people.
  5. No Glazers were harmed in the making of this beer.  Glazers were definitely harmed in the filming of this beer.  Luckily, that footage was not featured in the marketing efforts to-date…
  6. Cacao and coffee were used to make Glazer Bean and contain naturally occurring caffeine.  Be careful how much you drink at night or Santa might have to skip over your house.  He really does know when you’re awake.
  7. Unlike most Kwik Trip store items, beer is delivered and merchandised by beer wholesalers in lieu of the corporate KT distribution system (a modern marvel).  Karben4 has 11 WI beer wholesalers that cover the state and they are delivering this beer throughout the week.  It will take the whole week to cover all of the 400 stores in WI.  This is not Kwik Trip’s fault.  It is a reality driven by the regulatory nature surrounding beverage alcohol.  Please click on the link below for the delivery schedule to help reduce your frustration.  It was created solely to help you!

Delivery Schedule_Glazer Bean Round 2

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