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Hello Wonderful Wisconsinites!

Today, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, we bring back to you Hot Spot Hazy IPA!!!  We are so excited to have this beer back in all of the WI Kwik Trips and in our Karben4 taproom in Madison. The beer is being delivered throughout this week.  Please check out the delivery schedule here to locate cases near you.  If you wish to pick up some 4pks curbside or to-go at the K4 taproom you can visit  and click “order online”.

When we first introduced you all to Hot Spot last year we were in the first few weeks of this COVID-19 nightmare.  We had to downplay the release a bit and the beer obviously took a backseat to the much more pressing issues of the day — like how much toilet paper can I buy?  [By the way, when I daydream about the zombie apocalypse after staying up too late binge-watching a certain show…  A 75-pack of toilet paper is not strapped to my go-bag.  …But I digress.]

Despite the more pressing issues of 2020, we got a ton of great feedback about Hot Spot and it was quickly a favorite here at Karben4 and Kwik Trip.  We took the opportunity to upgrade our hopping technique and we think this batch is even better than last year!  We hope you agree and we hope you have a wonderful time drinking our beer in the sunshine!

Love, K4

Logistics and FAQ’s

Attached to this blog is

  1. Attached to this blog is the delivery schedule to every store that is receiving cases of Hot Spot.  This should be every Kwik Trip and Stop and Go in WI.
  2. Please use the delivery schedule to responsibly seek out this beer and limit your time in close proximity with all of your neighbors.
  3. Minnesota convenience stores cannot accept this beer because the alcohol is above 3.2% alcohol.  Contact your MN legislators to bring the alcohol laws into the 21st century!
  4. Karben4 does not currently distribute to Iowa.  Sorry to my Hawkeye brethren.  Internal discussions are in the works…Let us know if you have your favorite beer wholesalers.
  5. If you cannot find Hot Spot, you can always come to the Karben4 taproom to get as much as you want.  You can order to-go or curbside at  You can also walk-in and pick the beer out of our beer fridge.  We are open 7 days per week and located at 3698 Kinsman Blvd. in Madison.
  6. Unlike most Kwik Trip store items, beer is delivered and merchandised by 3rd-party beer wholesalers.  Karben4 has 11 beer wholesalers in WI and all of them are working overtime to get you this beer as fast as possible, this week.  It is not Kwik Trip’s fault that this process takes several days; rather it is the function of the regulatory nature surrounding the beverage alcohol industry.

One Quick Thing

We’re obviously not in the business of advertising to minors. So if you could just go ahead and verify your age, that’d be great.

Are you 21 or older?

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