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The inspiration for this beer is a combination of many different things but most notably, it’s to celebrate the change of season. To me, Spring is one of the best times of the year. Beyond any clichés, this is the time where we shed our seasonal depression and welcome new experiences into our lives. The weather gets warmer, patios open up and people are finally able to recall how fulfilling it can be to establish a sense of community. This Wheat Pale Ale is single-hopped with Amarillo hops to release fresh grapefruit aromas. Several late hop additions allow for a mildly bitter mouthfeel paired with intense hop character. What makes this brew unique is how simple it is. I stripped this beer of any kind of dry hop additions to bring light to a carefully crafted biscuit-like malt profile. I give you, Single & Naked. 

We will be offering this beer exclusively in the Karben4 taproom as part of our monthly Brewer’s Series release program.



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