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Yo K4B- let’s kick it!!!

Nice Nice ABV

Nice Nice ABV

Alright, stop. Collaborate and LISTEN. Ry-Ryce is back with a brand new INVENTION. Something grabs your taste buds TIGHTLY. Then we throw in a Dry-Hop-poon daily and NIGHTLY. Will it ever stop? Hell NO! Turn off the lights and I’ll stub my big toe. To the extreme we rock a brew like a vandal, Wear your brew boots not an open-toe sandal….. Serious- you could hurt those little piggies.

We really hoped you have enjoyed Double Fantasy Factory so far….and if you have not had it yet: SHAME. SHAME. SHAME. ding-ding. SHAME SHAME SHAME ding ding. The 98% of us Game of Throne fans will get that, for the other 2% of you:  SHAME SHA……

Karben4 is the house that Fantasy Factory built. We are grateful for the success we have enjoyed with our flagship that was never “supposed” to be a flagship. Over the past few years we have spent much time and treasure chasing the tiny details of dialing in Fantasy Factory and making sure that it is all it can be. We have learned two things: 1. FF is fun and there are some really cool possibilities to explore inside of the FF circus tent. 2. We are changing our company motto from “Gunter Glieben Glauten Globen” to “Shut up and make Fantasy Factory”. The fun started last year with our Year 4 Anniversary party where we had Fantasy Fest: 8 fruit varieties of FF. The bottled Raspberry Fantasy Factory was born from that. The next logical step was to supersize this bad boy! We used the same malts, just more of them. We also added 165# of Belgian Candi syrup to each batch to crank up the ABV. Then I sat at my desk and revamped the hopping schedule. I basically wrote larger and larger numbers, and once I started giggling I knew the number was large enough. So, technically it is an Imperial India Pale Ale (Double “I” P.A. if you recall one of my previous posts), but since we were going to call it Double FF I figured we might as well straight-up double the amount of dry hops. It worked.

Next we will have Double-Hopped Fantasy Factory. With this one we are going to brew a normal batch of Fantasy Factory. The funs starts when we process the batch through the centrifuge (separate the hop-oil-laden beer from the hop solids): instead of letting it go to a brite tank for packaging we are going to send it to a new fermenter for a second round of dry hopping for a few days before the final centrifuge pass.

Also in store for FF this will be a keg-only strawberry version of Fantasy Factory, and a canned version of original Fantasy Factory. Stay thirsty- it’s going to be a GREAT year!!

Ryan Koga



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