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I have slowly grown to realize that my life is a lot like a Pokemon story. I have been lucky enough to be gifted quite a special Pokemon and one day my little Mudkip will turn into a giant Swampert. I am a Pokemon trainer and no two Pokemons are alike. Each Pokemon has a different power, skill set, personality, likes and sensory differences; all we need to do is have the patience and help give him the tools he needs to become the best little Pokemon that he can.

In turn my little Pokemon teaches me about life, having more patience, tolerance, acceptance, appreciating the beauty and difference in every little thing and in every person around me, becoming more observant of the feelings of people around me, and looking outside my own self.

My journey with Autism has been a life lesson for me. I learn something new from my son every day. He is my personal little super hero, he can waltz down the street skipping, spinning, rocking, flapping, singing, clapping and making loud noises for everyone to hear and not give a single fuck about what anyone around him thinks. Let them stare, he don’t care!

Wouldn’t we all wish to live with that kind of confidence and freedom? I’m done trying to put my boy in a little box. I will support him and train him to be the best Pokemon that he can be and through the tears, the bumps, the bruises, the meltdowns and all the sleepless nights, we will smile through it and just take it one day at a time.

Current Pokemon Abilities:

We as parents are finally learning to see through Jun’s eyes… although we have a very long way to go.











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