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Hello Everyone,

I want to first thank all of you, our wonderful customers, for being so gracious in working through this glass recall.  The overwhelming majority of you have been incredibly supportive and have shown us great mercy.  Our hearts are warmed and our resolve is strengthened by every nice comment and the cooperative spirit you have shown in obtaining a refund from us.  Congratulations to all of you great humans for displaying such integrity!  This has been a very painful exercise, but there is great hope because of all of you!  And this is not some bullshit, motivational poster…  Your positivity, your loyalty, your compassion is the literal fuel that has and will propel us through these few weeks.  It has far out-weighed the small handful of opportunistic folks looking for…who knows what…

I want to emphasize that our mission with the recall is to do our very best to avoid anyone being hurt by the defective glass.  I implore you not to drink from the bottles filled between 11/8 – 12/31 and instead to either destroy them or return them to us.  We would rather go out of business providing refunds than ever hurt anyone.  I am currently aware of 4 instances where very small pieces of glass have been found in these bottles so this is not a theoretical exercise.  While that may only be 4 out of 200,000+, that is 4 too many.  …A quick note of clarification – this recall is only related to defective glass in our 12oz bottles.  All canned and kegged products from K4 are safe and delicious.  All growlers are safe and delicious.

Our distributor and retailer partners also deserve praise and thanks.  They are on the front lines working feverishly to recover all of the glass that is the subject of this recall.  Thank you to the teams at all of the General Beer Companies, Frank Beer, La Crosse Beverage, Triangle Distributing, Lee Beverage and Northwest Beverage.  It is amazing to see how passionate, professional and swift they are in dealing with this problem.  As of last Friday, the majority of the defective glass that was on retailers’ shelves had been removed and partially replaced with new product that we started creating last Thursday, 1/3.  This week more new product is being bottled at K4 and our network is pushing it out into the market as fast as possible.  Yesterday, we had a line of trucks waiting to take Fantasy Factory right off the bottling line and distribute it all over the state.

All new product that is bottled in glass that has come from an entirely different glass plant will have a green sticker on the packaging that says “QC Approval”.  We are putting this on new packages at the brewery, and we have sent these stickers around the state with the goal that we mark the packages that have been reviewed on retail shelves.  This is not going to be a perfect system, but it should provide you all some added confidence that a package has been reviewed for defective glass.  We will continue using these stickers for a few weeks until we are confident that we are entirely rid of the defective glass in the market.

Thank you again all of you wonderful people!  Our team is brewing around the clock to re-stock all of your shelves and refrigerators.  Happy New Year!  And remember, the diet starts tomorrow.  Today we celebrate!

Zak Koga


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