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K4 Pub Scouts Annual Membership


All the cool kids are K4 Pub Scouts!


Product Description

Are you or someone you know, a K4 super fan? Why not join the K4 Pub Scouts? For an annual membership fee of $60 you will receive:

$1 off K4 Pints, any time you grace us with your presence.

10% off K4 Merchandise from our taproom.

10% off K4 Beer to-go from our taproom.

1 FREE pitcher of beer on your Birthday.

1 FREE K4 Logo T-shirt


Every Monday is “K4 Pub Scouts Mondays” which means all day long for our members only, get 1/2 of Appetizers all day long.

Every Wednesday is “K4 Pub Scouts BOGO Wednesdays” which means all day long; buy 1 pint, get 1 free!

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