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Welcome to the first Tap it Tuesday! The first Tuesday of every month will feature a Taproom exclusive release of a cask-conditioned beer, tapped fresh on the bar and ready for your enjoyment. What is cask-conditioned you may ask? The answer takes us back in time when beer was unfiltered and served through a spigot hammered into the butt of an oak barrel. Beer interacted with the atmosphere more back then than it does in modern kegs, and since the oak barrels could not be pressurized the carbonation was much lower than today’s standards. What carbonation there was resulted from active yeast in the barrel still releasing carbon dioxide.

Today’s firkin waiting to be tapped!

Flash forward to today, and our cask is made from stainless steel not
oak. However, we still use yeast to produce all of the carbonation in the finished beer. This can result in a creamier texture, similar to a nitro pour. The cask also allows the brewer to add specialty ingredients right into the vessel the beer is dispensed from, allowing maximum time for flavor extraction. The cask also adds a bit of excitement to release day, since there is no way to sample the beer inside until the spigot is hammered home (unless too much sugar was sealed inside the cask and the stoppers explode in a geyser of beer 30ft tall. Yeah, that happened once).

The inaugural cask for Tap it Tuesday started with Nightcall Smoked Porter in honor of its recent release in bottles. Nightcall was the first beer I ever had from K4, long before I started working here, and remains one of my favorite K4 beers today. Anyway, to that rich, roasty base I added cocoa nibs from Ecuador for enhanced chocolate flavor and aroma. Finally, dark Belgian candi syrup with flavors of molasses and coffee was added to provide the just right amount of food for the yeast to produce the subtle carbonation for this decadent decoction. Hope you can make it out to Tap it Tuesday, our newest monthly tradition!

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