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We are going to can Fantasy Factory in 2018!

We project that we will have about 2-3k bbls of production capacity where we can brew Fantasy Factory and then have a contract packaging facility put our prized beer into cans for us.  As a point of emphasis, we will be making the beer in our brewery.  The only processes that will occur at the packaging facility are carbonation, flash pasteurization and then can filling.

This is a decision that was long and hard for us over the past year or two.  We knew that we did not have the space to can our products in our current brewery and we were working through all sorts of scenarios where we would expand to add a canning line and additional brewing space.  None of these scenarios were solid enough to make that jump right at this time.  …We never want to make a decision to jump into speculative growth that could prove to put us out of business…  So we started to consider contract packaging more seriously.  We have always known that the right financial decision is to contract manufacture entirely, but it is rarely the best brand or quality decision.  We think that with us making the beer and then working our asses off to keep it clean en route to the packer it would prove to be a good compromise to explore the canning world and this contracting relationship.  If we can prove that there is enough demand out there for our cans then we can build the physical expansion to our home brewery to handle the canning in-house with existing demand in tow.

The exact timeline is hard to nail down as it will largely depend on how fast the federal government approves our Alternating Proprietorship but we are shooting for late spring – maybe May.  The goal is to get these cans out to as many golf courses and stadiums, etc. as possible.

…Gustave is going to rock that aluminum!

Zak Koga


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