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In a Galaxy far, far away…

Ryan Koga found himself in Billings, Montana in 2006 working towards a Master’s Degree in Athletic Training. To help make ends meet, he got a job at a local brewpub. Ryan had never been a big beer drinker, in fact to this day he’s still a cheap date…But when he tasted a ‘real beer’ for the first time at age 25, it changed his life forever.

Livin' The Dream

Time passed, Ryan completed his degree and continued to explore new found love for beer. He approached his younger brother, Zak with his new passion and convinced him to start this new venture with him. In 2012 they opened the doors to Karben4 in Madison Wisconsin, where Zak’s alma mater University of Wisconsin is. With Ryan's passion and Zak's drive they had a recipe to level up the Madison beer scene. High-quality beers? Check. Fun branding? Of course.  Sense of humor? It's all about that brotherly love.

And built a Fantasy Factory.

The brewery grew and so did the demand. Karben4 now distributes to 3 states. No matter how weird we get or how much we grow, we promise to be true to ourselves, give back to the community, and work fearlessly to bring you the best beer experience possible. Swing by, have a pint with us and see what we are all about.