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Special Beer Release: Six-Row Rhapsody (Cream Ale)

March 23

Did you know that Wisconsin was the leading barley-producing state from the 1800s to the 1940s? These days, a combination of climate and subsidies has concentrated US barley production in North Dakota, Montana, and Iowa. Barley is still a useful cover crop in Wisconsin – but if it meets the quality standards required for malting, using it to brew beer would greatly increase the value proposition for farmers. Instead of just preaching about it, we brewed a Cream Ale with six-row winter barley grown at W. Hughes Farms in Janesville and malted at nearby Meristem Malt. The subtle rustic character of the barley pairs beautifully with the fruity flavors of our house ale yeast, making this light-colored ale far more interesting than you’d expect from such an easy-drinking beer.

Keywords: cream ale, yellow color, easy drinking, brewed with local malt