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Hello to all of you frozen people!  “Winter is coming,” is an understatement this week.  Who else can’t wait for the next season of GoT?!  I miss Ned…

Time for turkey – As I updated you all in the 1/9 blog post, the majority of defective glass was quarantined almost immediately.  Today, our network has been through all of their sales/delivery routes multiple times and we feel confident we can say that the market is all clear.  This means that we will also stop adding the green “QC Approval” stickers to new 6pks and 12pks starting next week.  The retailer shelves will have a mix of packages that do and do not have this green sticker on them.  Please feel confident picking either package.  You will likely see this mix of stickers and no stickers for the next 4-6 weeks.

Our packaging team was growing quite fond of these stickers and the camaraderie associated with placing tens of thousands of them onto our boxes.  You will have to come by the brewery and cheer them up!  …In all seriousness, holy crap has the K4 team been working hard in January.  They are setting company records for how many cases are made in one bottling day, which goes late into the night, and then they come back to load trucks in -800,000 degree weather.  We have had multiple cars that won’t start and the rest of the team picks up the slack, picks each other up, pushes frozen cars into the brewery to warm up…  We are a fortunate group of people!

My next blog post will get to be about more fun stuff, like 16oz FF cans that are coming in March and America AF 12oz cans coming in April 2019!

Zak Koga


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