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Sugar and Spice and everything nice… that’s what beer is made of. Women were the first brewers and created the beverage we all know and love. Today, women are taking back their rightful place in the brewing industry. Miranda brewed an IPA using the Pink Boots hop blend from Yakima Chief Hops to help usher in a Hop Revolution. This lightly hazed IPA gives you the beautiful gold of pilsner malt, with the round, fluffy mouthfeel of an IPA. Your nose is tickled with the aromas of sweet fruit, which pairs with flavors of tropical fruits and citrus. Pink Boots Society has been at the forefront of pushing for inclusivity of women in beer and continues to be the leader in the industry. We at Karben4 are proud to be a part of this “Hop Revolution”. Without Miranda and the many women on our team, we wouldn’t be able to bring you that sweet deliciousness.






Spring Seasonal


K4 Taproom / Draft

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