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Hello Wonderful People,

Tonight we announce the second beer in our Kwik Series collaboration with Kwik Trip – Hot Spot Hazy IPA! This. Beer. Is. Awesome! We had a lot of fun with the beer and developing the label for the cans. My personal favorite character is “The Hotdog” because it’s just so stupid hahaha


On a serious note, Kwik Trip has seriously bailed us out with this beer collaboration during the coronavirus shutdown. Karben4 has been severely impacted by the loss of all of our keg business and having our taproom be limited to to-go business only. We are not alone in this struggle and the WI community has stepped up enormously to support their local bars, restaurants, craft producers, etc. The support from all of you has been overwhelming and we consider ourselves very lucky for the chance to deserve your support! The brewing and canning of Hot Spot bought us a few extra weeks of keeping our production staff mostly employed, and it bought us some time to figure things out as we transition our company to weather this storm. Thank you to our Kwik Trip brothers and sisters for your love and support! I hope that Hot Spot can provide a shimmer of light and levity for all of our Kwik Trip guests and K4 beer fans.

Logistics and FAQ’s
1. Attached to this blog is the delivery schedule to every store that is receiving cases which should be every Kwik Trip store in WI and the Byron, MN Kwik Trip liquor store.
2. Please use the delivery schedule to responsibly seek out this beer and limit your time in public amongst your neighbors.
3. Minnesota convenience stores cannot accept this beer because the alcohol is above 3.2% ABV. The Byron, MN Kwik Trip liquor store is the only MN location receiving this beer. Contact your MN legislators to bring the alcohol laws into the 21st century!
4. Karben4 does not currently distribute to Iowa. Maybe next time…
5. If you cannot find Hot Spot, you can always reach out to Karben4 and order a 4pk for pickup at the taproom in Madison – or just stop by 3698 Kinsman Blvd. Madison, WI 53704. We are open for to-go business. Please help us follow the social distancing standards if you several of you are on-premise at the same time.
6. Unlike most Kwik Trip store items, beer is delivered and merchandised by 3rd-party beer wholesalers. Karben4 has 11 beer wholesalers in WI and all of them are working overtime to get you this beer as fast as possible, this week. It is not Kwik Trip’s fault that this process takes several days; rather it is a function of the regulatory nature surrounding the beverage alcohol industry.

Delivery Schedule for Hot Spot Hazy IPA

One Quick Thing

We’re obviously not in the business of advertising to minors. So if you could just go ahead and verify your age, that’d be great.

Are you 21 or older?

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