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Karben4 Announces Voluntary Recall

Amid Glass Manufacturer Defect


Madison, WI (January 2, 2019) – Karben4 announced today that it was voluntarily recalling certain of its beer bottles after being notified by its bottle manufacturer of a potential flaw in certain bottles.  The recall involves all bottles that were filled  between November 8 and December 31, 2018.  Further detail is provided below.

Karben4 was notified by its bottle manufacturer that the manufacturer detected a flaw in bottles that ranged sporadically throughout the bottle manufacturer’s  October 2018 production.  The flaw can result in a loss of carbonation and the potential for a small piece of glass to break and fall into the bottle, causing a risk for injury.  Since the scope of the bottle manufacturer’s flaw cannot be more accurately determined, Karben4 has decided to recall and destroy all of the beer bottles from the bottle manufacturer’s batch in question.  Karben4 has also immediately sourced new glass bottles from a different glass production plant and will begin using those bottles on Thursday, January 3, 2019 to ensure the continued safety of its loyal customers.

While Karben4 has been advised by the bottle manufacturer that the design flaw affected a small quantity of the bottles produced in October, Karben4 believes it is critically important to take every precaution necessary to ensure the safety of its customers and the quality of its product.  Karben4 is actively working with its beer distribution partners to eliminate these bottles from warehouse inventory and remove them from store shelves.

Some of the affected bottles (produced between November 8-December 31) may have already been purchased by consumers.  Karben4 requests consumers not open these bottles and instead return them to the Karben4 taproom.  Any consumer that returns unopened affected bottles to the taproom (3698 Kinsman Blvd., Madison, WI) will receive their choice of a $10 refund, a free growler with fill or a t-shirt per 6pk or 12pk that they purchased.  If you are unable to get to the taproom please email or direct message our facebook page with a picture of the bottle and Karben4 will work with you directly to mail merchandise or a beer voucher to thank you for your effort and care.

Consumers can determine whether they have unopened bottles affected by this voluntary recall by looking at the “Bottled On” date on the neck of the bottle.  If the date is between (and including) November 8, 2018 and December 31, 2018 then you have a bottle that is the subject of this recall.  If you cannot locate or read this “Bottled On” date you can reach out to Karben4 directly for assistance.  Please email or direct message our facebook page and Karben4 will assist you.

Below is a comprehensive list of the bottled product affected:

  1. Fantasy Factory bottled on 11/08/18, 11/15/18, 11/20/18, 11/27/18, 12/04/18, 12/18/18, 12/27/18 and 12/31/18
  2. Raspberry Fantasy Factory bottled on 11/13/18 and 11/27/18
  3. Lady Luck bottled on 12/06/18 and 12/27/18
  4. Dragon Flute bottled on 11/08/18 and 12/18/18
  5. Block Party bottled on 12/13/18
  6. Belly Bongos bottled on 12/13/18 and 12/20/18
  7. Champagne Tortoise bottled on 12/13/18 and 12/31/18
  8. Diet Starts Tomorrow bottled on 11/15/18 and 12/20/18


** All beer K4 date-coded before 11/08/18 or after 12/31/18 is NOT impacted**


Reference Image To Assist Bottle Identification

Image 1 – Note the “Bottled On” date on the neck of the bottle. The date immediately below the words “Bottled On” is the date in question. The numbers in the third line represent internal batch code information for Karben4.

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